This site is designed for absolute newbies but seasoned marketers will also benefit.

I’m John Fink. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was only 10 years old (1950).  As a newspaper delivery boy, I built a customer base by delivering 3 free newspapers every day. On the 4th day I would knock on the recipient’s door and explain that there would be no charge for the newspapers they had received for the past 3 days. I would then ask them if they would like to subscribe to the paper so they could continue having it delivered to them. Many of them said, “Yes”. I increased my number of subscribers AND MADE MORE MONEY  I learned at a very young age that you can make money by giving something of value for free.

About that same time, I discovered Direct Response Direct Response Marketing (DRM). I saw full page ad in a comic book. It was about a young skinny man on the beach with his girlfriend. A muscular bully came buy and kicked sand in his face. He envisioned the bully walking off with his girlfriend. He swore that would never happen to him again, so he built a strong, muscular body.

The ad said if I sent him a dime (10 cents) he would tell me how I could build a muscular body. So, I sent him a dime. I checked my mail several times a day waiting to learn how I could build muscles. When the mail finally came it was a very long sales letter telling me that I had to send him $10 or some amount that I couldn’t afford. I didn’t know it then, but that process is called Direct Response Marketing.

I didn’t learn how to build muscles, but I learned something much better. I learned what Direct Response Marketing was and I did that online. before there even was an Internet.

Yes, I started my Internet Marketing Business before there was an Internet. In 1983, Steve Case had an idea to create an online bulletin board for owners of Commodore 64 computers.  I placed small free ads on the Bulletin Boards offering a free report about a product I didn’t own yet. When someone sent me money for the product I bought the product and had it dropped shipped. Yea, I had to learn about drop shipping too.

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